With the increased stress and changes occurring throughout the world, we are all feeling a little more stress and uncertainty. Exercise is a great step towards improving hormone levels and reducing stress. However, we all need some time to slow down as well. Hanna Somatics and Restorative Yoga pair together perfectly for those of you who are dealing with:

  • Chronic stress
  • Persistent pain and discomfort
  • Exhaustion
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • A feeling of dis-ease 

The Consultation

Personalized plans are gentle and designed to reduce pain and stress while increasing your range of motion and flexibility. We begin the process with a video chat to discuss your health history and goals, then we move into a few simple movements for me to assess your range of motion and see where stress is being stored in your body. This initial session will lay the groundwork for your personalized daily home-based program. 

The Plan

Your next session will be on video again so that I can guide you through your personalized plan. The plan will include Hanna Somatic movements in addition to a restorative yoga posture or two. You’ll devote 15 minutes a day to working through the movements and another 3-5 minutes in the restorative pose. 

The Follow-up

Each personalized plan includes the option for a phone, email, or video follow-up. Some students choose to follow up to explore changes to the plan after they’ve found new flexibility or reduced tension. Some choose to follow up to discuss options for health coaching. Others opt out of the follow-up and stick to their routine for good. It all depends on how you feel after 3 weeks of daily practice! The choice is entirely yours. 

The Results

“Adding somatic movement into my day helped me go from waking up with aching joints to waking up and getting straight into the garden. It’s so amazing I wouldn’t believe it if I hadn’t actually experienced it.” -Paulette 

“I was a little skeptical about those tiny movements, it doesn’t seem like much when you’re doing them. But I can tell a difference in my ability to handle stress and interruptions on days that I skip my plan. It’s good motivation to jump back on track, because I def like the version of me who is less stressed than the other version of me!” -Sarah 

“I used to be in pain all day long, every day. I just got to a point where I thought I might be sore for good. Now I can sit on the floor with my grandkids and enjoy playing with them. I would say to new students to really commit to the daily work, it is a day and night difference.” -Joe 

“The plan we designed changed my life! I really appreciated the extra lessons on how to work with the mind-body connection to improve my rehab work for the stroke… My physical therapist is certain that we’ve been practicing witchcraft between sessions 😉 Thank you, thank you!” – Bonnie 

Full Somatics + Restorative Plan

$195 through summer! 

Ready to get your plan designed? 

I’m offering the full package (initial consultation, personalized plan + lesson, and follow-up) on a limited basis through summer. If you are interested, please email to schedule your time!