Slow Flow

Though it can be used as a simple tool for fitness, yoga is so much more. It is truly a way of life, a path of healing, a method of connecting to spirit. When we practice yoga, it is possible to move slowly and with intention to find both the spiritual and physical benefits of the practice. Beginning with a bit of wisdom from hindu philosophy, we move slowly and breathe deeply. Throughout class I weave that philosophy back into the environment to help you to meditate on what it means to you and how it applies to your life in this moment. Students often discover that when the “monkey mind” is busy working through the poses, their true Self is able to ponder the weekly lesson and get deep into the heart of their truth. Join us on Saturday mornings at Prajja Center for Yoga & Holistic Healing in Sioux City

PrajJa Yoga for Stress

This class is my passion, my baby. My maternal grandmother suffered from Systemic Lupus and Fibromyalgia for years. In the course of my yoga teacher training, we often discussed the amazing benefits of stress reduction on chronic illness. I created this class with the feedback of many students and with plenty of research, continued education, and experience after teacher training, as I serve those who have chronic illness, pain, and stress.
This class is based around gentle, slow movement with breathing and meditation throughout. Students come to this class to simply find relief from the stresses of everyday life and to find healing from chronic conditions. All are welcome, all belong.
NOTE: Katie Heath is now teaching this class on Thursday evenings. I am honored that she has carried on the tradition and is bringing this class to so many suffering from autoimmune conditions and pain. Check out the schedule here.