I’ve found that moving in sync with the seasons and cycles is a great way to find a bit more ease, more peace, in my life. One of the easiest ways to start a natural rhythm lifestyle is to begin with the moon cycles. They repeat monthly, so you get many opportunities in the year to refine your practice and meditate on how the cycle impacts your life.

We begin this journey into living in sync with nature under the New Moon. A time of beginnings, a time of renewal, of rooting energy. A time for quiet reflection and self-nurturing. The new moon is the best time to plant seeds and set intentions for what you wish to bring into your life. It is also a time of heightened intuition, which helps us to set true intentions from the heart rather than the mind.

A New Moon Ritual

  • Spend a few moments creating a sacred space for yourself. Turn down the lights, light some candles, add any aromatherapy you may like. Gather up a journal, a cup of tea if you like, and any other elements that bring you closer to your spiritual journey. (Guidance cards, stones and crystals, sage or palo santos, etc.)
  • If you are using sage or palo santos, allow time here to clear your space. If you are not using sage or palo santos, take a moment to visualize a clearing of the space around you- perhaps seeing a bubble or a glowing light surrounding yourself and your immediate space.
  • Draw your eyes closed and focus on your breath, once it is even and slow, count each inhale- just to the count of 10. Let yourself sit in this space for a few moments. Open your journal and begin with “I am ready to receive blessings and abundance into my life. I am ready to receive ______________” Just let the words flow here. Let the blessings pour from your pen. Don’t feel the need to edit or moderate these wishes. Often, our hearts whisper these desires in a way that is easy to brush over. But if we allow those words to come forward, we generally find exactly what we need in this moment of our lives.
  • Once you are finished, gently sit back and focus on the breath again for a few minutes. Recenter, drink some tea, savor a bite of chocolate… Nurture yourself.
  • Here you can return to your journaling. Can you find a common thread through your writing? A recurring theme? This process can frequently lead you to a focus point for moving forward with intention. Focusing on that common theme (abundance, spiritual growth, better relationships, feeling valued, etc.) can help you in everyday choices and big decisions.
  • Take a few more minutes to send gratitude to your guides, your angels, your intuition. Remember that you are always guided by Divine light and surrounded in Divine love.

Repeating this process with every new moon can help you to refocus as the year continues. This also leads you towards learning what is holding you back in your growth so that you can release that heaviness during the Full Moon.

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