So you’re a healer, bodyworker, or yoga instructor and know that you “should” have an online presence (or maybe just a better one than you have now). And you’ve heard of things like SEO, mobile friendly, WC3, and UX but don’t really know what they are (and probably don’t care to know!). You just want a beautiful website that shows up in searches and shares your story with the world. You have talents and skills, passions and a deep sense of dharma.

You’re in the right place.


I’m a former full time website developer/healthcare technology consultant turned part time website designer who focuses on working with those in the Wellness industry. I’m also a bit of a geek about neuromarketing/psychology/user behavior- so you’ll often get some marketing advice and guidance along the way while working with me on your website launch!

My path to being a website designer is one of random coincidences, much like my journey to becoming a yoga instructor. In short- life gives us the exact experiences we need to prepare for the next step on our journey. That, and jumping in with both feet when you’ve no idea what you’re getting into can sometimes bring you to the most fantastic of fantastic places!

My website design business has moved from full time to part time as I continue to grow in my role of healer and teacher, so I only accept clients that I really, really want to work with. If you are a holistic healer, bodyworker, or yoga instructor- you’re probably high on my list of “People Who are Lovely” and I’ll work with you to find a design schedule that fits both our needs. Though I’m based in Sioux City Iowa, I do take on projects with clients across the country.


Working with me on a website is not just a process of signing a check and waiting for the pretty to appear. It’s a team project. You’ll get some fun surveys to fill out that help to dive deep into your passions, your focus and service skills, your ideal client, and your list of Things that Make You Happy. I’ll use all this to design a website that does more than tell people who you are, it will show people who you are.

My websites are usually one page in design, with secondary pages as needed. This allows for your visitors on mobile devices to load all the information they need quickly, and also creates a pretty stellar looking website with fun transitions for those on desktops and laptops. You’ll be included in the design process with regular check ins along the way, and you’ll usually get a few digital goodies along the way. (If I’m designing a header for your website and think it’d look good as a facebook cover photo, I’ll reformat for that and send it your way. Digital goodies, win-win.)


Great! Go ahead and shoot an email via my contact page and watch your email for a reply with availability and new client questionnaire information. Want to talk instead? You can get in touch at 712-577-3014.