If you think about it, any time of year is a good time to make changes, break bad habits, set goals, start new adventures.

So why is New Years such an enticing time to set Resolutions?

As with most things, Mother Nature is our teacher, our guide. By looking to what’s going on in the world around us we can gain insight into what is going on inside of us.

Nature has been in a state of rest and repose. A time of inner reflection and slowing down to prepare for the next season of growth and abundance. Often, we find ourselves mirroring those behaviors. Feeling drawn towards more nourishment, slowing down, enjoying silence a bit more and surrounding ourselves in comforts like warm blankets and winter foods. This very act of slowing down creates space for us to reflect, to think on the past year and where it has brought us.

This process of reflection and rest starts in the autumn, as nature starts to slow down and settle in. Then, the Winter Solstice comes. A time of equal light and dark, followed by a little more light each day. Though we can’t see it yet, that light is affecting the world around us and nature is beginning to stir. Still resting, but preparing for the spring. Perhaps we are simply feeling that impulse, that intuitive force, when we feel the need to set New Years resolutions. Like a crocus gathering up her beauty in preparation for the spring- we start to focus on intentions and gather our resolve for the coming year.

As you are drawn to this process, see if you can do more than reflect the rhythm of nature.

Can you embrace it?

The flowers don’t suddenly appear the very day after they begin their preparations to bloom. They take their time, soaking in the growing sunlight, gathering energy and nourishment. Growing momentum. They unfold slowly but with brilliant timing so that their delicate petals don’t wither away in an unexpected frost. This wisdom of nature is wisdom we should all follow.

Can you set your Sankalpa, your deep resolve or intention for this coming year and commit to growing it slowly, steadily, so that it has time to take root before blooming into it’s full spectacular display? Choosing to open slowly into the coming year, new projects and goals, is the same thing as choosing to ensure a greater chance of success.

As you enter this new year and the hopeful energy that surrounds it, my wish for you is that you move ever closer to who you are, to your truth and your light. With patience and persistence, we’ll all get there.



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